Cayman Nature Tours

CaymANNature TOURS

Grand Cayman activities, things to see and do, nature tours – now DISCONTINUED


Colliers Wilderness Reserve – easy walking loop trail, Cayman native plants, release area for endemic Grand Cayman Blue Iguana

Explore Grand Cayman!  

Grand Cayman Nature and Historic Cayman Tour with knowledgeable, licensed guide

Guests provide the transportation

Please book at least 24 hours in advance – Nature Tours now DISCONTINUED

Payment is cash only.


Phone: 345-925-2760

The diversity of Cayman’s plants and plant communities and the creatures that dwell therein, provide a fascinating variety of areas for those interested in natural history, at whatever level, from the casual observer to scientific researcher. On walks along the beach or rocky Ironshore, in parks, along roadsides, on trails and dyke roads, one may see plants and creatures which may not be readily accessible to be seen elsewhere.

The Cayman Islands have roughly four different vegetation zones or plant communities –

  • Coastal
  • Wetland
  • Dry evergreen forest, woodland and shrubland
  • Man-modified areas, including beautiful gardens and parks

Guests provide the transportation

3-4 people 4 hr Tour Island overview – Eastern Districts    US$200.            CI$160.

1-2 people 4 hr Tour Island overview – Eastern Districts    US$160.            CI$128.

2 hr Mini Tour South Sound, Prospect                                    US$120.            CI$ 96.

Tours of more than 4 people, by special arrangement

Each additional person 4 hr Tour                                            US$ 40.            CI$  32.

Each additional person 2 hr Tour                                            US$ 30.            CI$  24.

Rhizophora mangle SS Feb. 3-02

Red Mangrove (Rhizophora mangle) – Cayman has Red, Black (Avicennia germinans) and White (Laguncularia racemosa) Mangroves

Colliers Wilderness Trail Nov.6-16_22.23 rGrand Cayman native phytokarst dry woodland, easy walking loop trail


Julia (Dryas iulia zoe), one of Cayman’s 5 endemic butterflies

Butterfly book cover Nov-08 r

Butterflies of the Cayman Islands 2008 by R.R. Askew and P.A. van B. Stafford

Chionanthus cay. Coccothrinax Dec.1-13 CWRSilver Thatch (Coccothrinax proctorii) and Ironwood (Chionanthus caymanensis) both Cayman Islands endemics and culturally significant trees

FLORA of the Cayman Islands

Colliers Pond Feb16-16_53.55Colliers Pond



For more information, pictures and to book a tour, visit

Private Outrage Eco-Tours and Sailboat Eco-Tours, Grand Cayman


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