Ann Stafford has been interested in natural history all her life. Growing up in the English countryside, she learnt from her parents, and from books with colour pictures, to identify plants and animals. In 1965 she & her husband went to live in his native Guyana, part of the Amazon basin rainforest system. They frequently went into the interior, the ‘bush’, with its wonderful wildlife. In 1973 they moved to the Cayman Islands, where they have lived ever since. Ann learnt to identify many of Cayman’s indigenous and naturalized plants and has recorded butterflies & their larval food plants. She hopes to increase awareness of the inter-relationship between Cayman’s unique flora and fauna, the food chains and food webs. If the plants disappear, so will the creatures that are dependent upon them.

They’re our backyards, our neighbourhoods – grow Cayman plants, encourage Cayman wildlife!

Cayman Nature Tours

Grand Cayman Nature and Historic Cayman Tour with knowledgeable, licensed guide

BUTTERFLIES of the CAYMAN ISLANDS by R.R. Askew and P. A. van B. Stafford, 2008, published by Apollo Books.

Ann is the co-author of the book with visiting entomologist Dr. Askew. It is available for CI$24/US$30 at the National Trust for the Cayman Islands and local book stores.

Click here for Butterflies of the Cayman Islands

FLORA of the CAYMAN ISLANDS, 2nd. Edition by George R. Proctor, 2012, published by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The first edition was published in 1984.

Ann has an in-depth knowledge of Cayman’s plants, she learnt to identify them in the wild and from visiting botanist, Dr. Proctor. She contributed many of the colour images, both photos and scanned Virtual Herbarium images, for the book.

Click here for Flora of the Cayman Islands Kew Books    

Click here for Flora of the Cayman Islands University of Chicago Press

Both the above books are available locally and both have plenty of colour pictures.

Keep Cayman Unique


Ann Stafford’s Gallery      lots of photos of Cayman


3 responses to “About”

  1. MeganS says :

    Hello, I hope you don’t mind me leaving a comment on the About section, I couldn’t find a contact section. I have relatives in Cayman who occasionally send me photos of the wonderful wildlife they see. Over here in the UK, I am a big fan of submitting wildlife records to relevant organisations and to the national database. I wondered if there are similar schemes in Cayman that I can encourage my relatives to submit their sightings to? Many thanks, Megan.

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