Cayman Islands Dragonflies and Damselflies

Dragonflies and Damselflies are called Needlecases in Cayman.

Bulletin of American ODONATOLOGY Vol. 5, Number 2,  20 January, 1998 Odonata of the Cayman Islands A Review by R.R. Askew, Richard Prosser and Phillip S. Corbet

Odonata CI, Askew, Prosser, Corbet 1998

Damselflies and Dragonflies Order: Odonata – about

Dragonflies & Damselflies – about Nov.19-10

Cayman Islands Dragonflies & Damselflies checklist Feb.12. 2016

Dragonflies & Damselflies Feb.12-16

Anax junius Jun.2006 JGCommon Green Darner – Anax junius, Family: AESHNIDAE (Darners). Photo taken by Jennifer Godfrey June, 2006.

Coryphaeschna adnexa - Blue-faced Darner, new PD Dec22-13Blue-faced Darner – Coryphaeschna adnexa     

New Cayman Record – Peter Davey, Dec. 22, 2013

Blue-faced Darner Jan.9-16 PD

Blue-faced Darner – Coryphaeschna adnexa 

Peter Davey, Pedro St. James quarry, Grand Cayman, Jan. 9, 2016

Mangrove Darner - Coryphaeschna viriditas, female Sep.28-10 PD

Mangrove Darner – Coryphaeschna viriditas, female,

Peter Davey, Grand Cayman, Sept. 28, 2010

Celithemis eponina Feb24-11 PD_44Halloween Pennant – Celithemis eponina, Family: LIBELLULIDAE (Common Skimmers),   NEW Cayman Islands RECORD, Photo Peter Davey Feb.24, 2011, Pedro St. James quarry, Grand Cayman.

Erythrodiplax umbrata, male, Frank Sound Aug.29-05 DBBand-winged Dragonlet – Erythrodiplax umbrata, male, Family: LIBELLULIDAE (Common Skimmers).    Photo: Denise Bodden, Frank Sound, Aug. 29, 2005.

Marl Pennant dragonfly – Macrodiplax balteata, Family: LIBELLULIDAE (Common Skimmers).   Photo: Peter Davey Nov. 2010

Three-striped Dasher – Micrathyria didyma, Family: LIBELLULIDAE.       Photo: Peter Davey, Nov.22, 2010

Orthemis ferruginea, m, Frank Sound Aug.29-05 DBRoseate Skimmer – Orthemis ferruginea, male, Family: LIBELLULIDAE.     Photo: Denise Bodden, Frank Sound, Aug.29, 2005.

Ischnura ramburii Nov9-10 PD_145Rambur’s Forktail damselflies mating, Ischnura ramburii Family: COENAGRIONIDAE (Narrow-winged Damselflies, Pond Damsels).     Photo: Peter Davey Nov. 2010

ranbur's Forktail. Female Rambur’s Forktail damselfly – Ischnura ramburii, Family: COENAGRIONIDAE (Narrow-winged Damselflies, Pond Damsels). Photo: Peter Davey Nov. 2010

Insects of the Cayman Islands by R.R. Askew

CaymANNature photos

West Indian Odonata   Compiled by Dennis Paulson

Cayman Nature Tours


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