Ironwood Forest

Ironwood Forest gallery

Ironwood Forest

Ann Stafford’s Gallery, photos from 2002. The forest is now inaccessible because of University College of the Cayman Islands security system.

The Ironwood Forest, Grand Cayman, is a unique, self-sustaining ancient growth forest, anchored on a ridge of pinnacled Cayman Dolostone limestone rock. It is SE of George Town, on a fresh water lens, in a high rainfall area and has an amazing diversity of Cayman indigenous plants, including endemics and single-neighbor endemics. Many plants are Endangered and Critically Endangered, such as a giant Bromeliad – Hohenbergia caymanensis and the Grand Cayman Ghost Orchid – Dendrophylax fawcettii.

Maybe it will take an orchid to save a forest.

Ghost Orchid – Dendrophylax fawcettii growing on Wild Fig tree – Ficus aurea.
Photo: Ann Stafford April 20, 2003.


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