Ann Stafford’s Gallery

Ann Stafford’s photo albums

CaymANNature Flora

Shake-Hand tree – Xylosma bahamense, dioecious, Family: SALICACEAE, Grand Cayman. Photo: Ann Stafford Sept.1, 2002

11th. Annual Cayman Islands High School Cross Island ROAD RELAY, Feb.9, 1985
(from Sand Bluff to CIHS Walkers Road)
CaymanSports Album

Cayman Islands photos – lots of photos in different albums (click on link above):

  • CaymanWildlife
  • Barkers National Park
  • CaymanCultural
  • CaymanSports
  • Grand Cayman Tours
  • CaymANNature Butterflies & their Plants
  • CaymANNature Flora – native and naturalized plant identification
  • Cayman Mushrooms, Lichens and Other Fungi
  • Ironwood Forest
  • Mastic Trail
  • 1938 Oxford Expedition to the Cayman Islands

Watler Cemetery house-shaped gravestones,
Prospect Point Road, Grand Cayman.
Photo: Ann Stafford, Mar. 12, 2012
CaymanCultural Album




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